Toronto, Ontario, Canada - 2016

   The Family History and Genealogy of James Alexander and Mary Ann McNeil has been the subject of intermittent research by various individuals and history groups spanning many decades.  As it happens, their descendants are scattered throughout North America, found mostly in the United States with some remaining in Canada.


   The late Marie Genevive Elexander, a grand daughter, of Sydney, Cape Breton Island, NS, had completed some early research.  She had visited Wellington Centre, PEI and had taken some photos. Her personal papers indicate that she kept in contact with a branch of the family that had emigrated to Maine, USA.  She also had knowledge of the two branches of the family that had emigrated to Washington, D. C., USA.


   Later, The Wellington Senior Citizens' History Committee had included a number of articles on the family in their book By The Old Mill Stream.

   At present, research is very active and numerous family members continue to contribute to the Family Tree Database!  A public website is presented here; its contents have been limited to past generations in order to respect the privacy of living descendants.  If you believe that you are a descendant of James and Mary, you are highly encouraged to e-mail me and participate!  Much more is available for family members!


Best Regards, Ed Alexander

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James Alexander and Mary Ann McNeil, circa 1865, courtesy of great grand daughter Francis (O'Neill Bennett) Fry.